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Whether you're here randomly, or came across my work at a comic book shop or a convention, welcome! You can learn more about the stories I have available below.

The New Amsterdam Game: Gooseberry's Midnight Ride

In British-occupied New York City, a mysterious vigilante strikes back in the name of independence! Join the sword-swinging American agent Gooseberry as he foils the dastardly plots of Major John Andre and the British Army!

HiaWB Cover.jpg
Happiness is a Warm Bun

When a hot new burger hits the scene, a young man does everything in his power to make sure he scores one, no matter the obstacle! A comedic one-shot showing a summer that sadly never was - complete with burger recipe!

Illegal Alien Cover_edited.jpg
Illegal Alien

In the future, humanity has solved most of its problems - but we still dream of what's just over the horizon. Juan Bruni is a young man who, more than anything, wants to emigrate to Mars. But many obstacles stand in his path. How far is anyone willing to go to achieve their goals?

Rotten Roots

Harold Wood -- industrialist, patriarch of the Wood family, and beloved son of Osprey City, Massachusetts -- is dead. Detective Mark Robles, a fresh transfer from Chicago, is assigned to investigate Wood's death. As he discovers several clues, including a journal written by Wood's ancestor, David Woode, Robles begins to believe that Harold Wood died as the result of a centuries-old vendetta.


The body count continues to rise while De​tective Robles uncovers a family history of scheming, betrayal, and murder. It's clear that the Woods are being punished for the sins of their past. Can Robles solve the case and stop the killings before an entire family is wiped out?

"Familiar yet different, formulaic yet of those examples of why I love self-published books."

"[A] title that intrigues...a brilliant ride we're on board for."

"With unique art and an engaging plot, Rotten Roots is a murder mystery that explores the dark side of American history..."

Steven Leitman,

Gary Watson,

Ben Howard,

Front Cover.png


In April 1928, a Soviet scientist is escorted by a group of soldiers to the Siberian wilderness on an expedition. What they find is terror beyond their imagining...

Partially based on true historical events, Chuchunya is a horror one shot. If you're looking for a quick read with dynamic art, look no further!

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