Whether you're here randomly, or came across my work at a comic book shop or a convention, welcome! You can learn more about the stories I have available below.

Illegal Alien

In the 23rd century, humanity has overcome its short-sightedness, and has survived the brutal damages of global climate change. Earth is a paradise, where people live without fear of hunger, sickness, or homelessness. But the innate need to explore and go beyond the next horizon still stays with us.

Juan Bruni, a young Venezuelan, dreams of going beyond that horizon. He's sworn to test himself on the harshest frontier mankind has to offer: Mars. Juan wants to join the burgeoning colonization efforts on the Red Planet, by any means necessary!

When you have a dream, and people tell you "no," what are you willing to do to get to "yes"?

Rotten Roots

Harold Wood -- industrialist, patriarch of the Wood family, and beloved son of Osprey City, Massachusetts -- is dead. Detective Mark Robles, a fresh transfer from Chicago, is assigned to investigate Wood's death. As he discovers several clues, including a journal written by Wood's ancestor, David Woode, Robles begins to believe that Harold Wood died as the result of a centuries-old vendetta.


The body count continues to rise while De​tective Robles uncovers a family history of scheming, betrayal, and murder. It's clear that the Woods are being punished for the sins of their past. Can Robles solve the case and stop the killings before an entire family is wiped out?

2016 IF Anthology (Alterna)

This anthology contains 40 stories from over 100 creators, all examining the super-powered condition. My story in particular examines a superhero who gains his powers from alcohol consumption - what are the consequences of such powers for his home life? Deep, sad, and sometimes humorous, it looks at the serious truth of addiction.

The 2016 IF Anthology is now out-of-print, so once it's sold out, it's gone!



In April 1928, a Soviet scientist is escorted by a group of soldiers to the Siberian wilderness on an expedition. What they find is terror beyond their imagining...

Under the Streetlight (Stache)

An effort of the /r/ComicBookCollab forum on Reddit, Under the Streetlight is a collection of two-page noir stories. Where most stories embraced the best-known tropes of the noir genre (a hard-boiled detective and a femme fatale), I opted for a different direction. My submission is about coffee, and the dark truth I suspect is behind many third-wave coffee shops across the country.

2017 IF Anthology (Alterna)

From the creative effort of over 100 creators comes 38 stories about crime: who commits it, why they do it, and how it affects our society. My story takes place in Chicago - inspired by a song sung by one of the greatest performers in American history, I look at the forces that drive a young man to make a terrible decision.


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