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In April 1928, a Soviet scientist is escorted by a group of soldiers to the Siberian wilderness on an expedition. What they find is terror beyond their imagining...

"This is the kind of one-shot that comes along ignites the readers' imagination and curiosity which in turn makes them want to see more. I know it did this for me."

Steven Leitman,

Reading With a Flight Ring

"Overall, the story has a great beginning...The balance between the science fiction aspects and relatable themes make me feel engaged."

Thea Srinivasan,

The Indie Toaster

"It has an optimistic sci-fi setting with relatable characters and themes that should connect to a young audience. It allows the world-building to be told visually without bogging down the pace with heavy exposition."

Ben Howard,

Under the Ink

"Whatever happens next, I am all aboard for on the flight to Mars!"

Rob Wrecks,


"Familiar yet different, formulaic yet unique...one of those examples of why I love self-published books."

Steven Leitman, indiecomix.net

"With unique art and an engaging plot, Rotten Roots is a murder mystery that explores the dark side of American history..."

Ben Howard, theouthousers.com

"[A] title that intrigues...a brilliant ride we're on board for."

Gary Watson, comicsanonymous.com

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