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The New Amsterdam Game:
Gooseberry's Midnight Ride

 In British-occupied New York City, a mysterious vigilante strikes back in the name of independence!

On Comixology now: Happiness is a Warm Bun!
When a hot new burger hits the scene, a young man does everything in his power to make sure he scores one, no matter the obstacle!

A comedic one-shot showing a summer that sadly never was - complete with burger recipe!

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On Amazon now: BORDERx: A Crisis in Graphic Detail!


The BORDERx Anthology Project has attracted artists from around the world. Argentina, Egypt, South Africa, The United Kingdom and of course the U.S.A. We are artists and writers united who are willing to stand in the face of oppression and to denounce it in words and pictures. We use comix as our medium and we have partnered with several organizations and individuals to put the current policies on record. By diving deep into the details, we seek to bring context and depth beyond the headlines. The anthology collects funds for the South Texas Human Rights Center who provide water stations, search and rescue as well as forensic recovery for migrants who take the treacherous journey to cross the border in search of a better life. We have also partnered with Project Amplify and Asylum Seekers Advocacy Program (ASAP) to bring sworn testimonies from migrants to the page. This full color comic anthology features talented artists both established and undiscovered.

Contains the 2020 Platform Comics Short Comics Finalist, "...But It Does Rhyme"!

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